Managed Defense

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Cybersecurity monitoring

These days during the increased number of ransomware, phishing and other malicious activity, the need for systematic and continuous monitoring of your organizations IT infrastructure keeps increasing. Our cybersecurity monitoring services include following modules, usually supported by specific cybersecurity solutions:

  • Network monitoring – IDS and IPS

  • Endpoint process monitoring – EDRs

  • Collection and log correlation – SIEM tools

  • Automatization of investigative and reactive processes – SOAR tools

Delegating those activities to specialized SOC (Security Operations Center) team, improves the focus and quality of the work and makes establishing and running monitoring operation more accessible.

Our Istrosec specialists are ready to help You with following tasks, tailored to Your specific needs:

  • Monitoring L1 – Investigating reports generated by tools monitoring tools. Reacting to generated security reports, their basic investigation and escalating them to Client, along with findings and recommendation on next steps.

  • Analysis L2/L3 – Intake of escalation reports from Clients side, advanced data analysis from endpoints and security solutions. Reporting findings and recommendations to Client.

  • Combined monitoring L1, L2, L3 – Alerts escalated from monitoring L1 are immediately processed internally at L2/3 level.

  • Administration of cybersecurity monitoring tools

  • Revision of cybersecurity monitoring tools configuration

  • Support during onboarding of cybersecurity monitoring tool

  • Continuous monitoring and reporting of security events and processed alerts

Why IstroSec?

Our team at IstroSec has years of experience working together, solving various cybers-security incidents at companies ranging from small business to Fortune 500. Furthermore, we have experience working with various EDR’s and open source technologies, battling not only run of the mill attackers, but APTs as well.