GLOBSEC & IstroSec

  • Sunday, Feb 19, 2023
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Our company, IstroSec, is about to complete its second year of operation in the market and is constantly striving to conduct its business honestly, apolitically, directly, and fairly. These characteristics are equally important for us when choosing business partners or suppliers.

Last year, an expert from our team participated in the prestigious international security conference GLOBSEC 2022 Bratislava Forum. It is organized by the non-governmental organization of the same name, which is independent and non-partisan. It strives to increase security, prosperity, and sustainability in Europe, and throughout the world. That is why, ideologically, it significantly overlaps with the goals and ideas of the IstroSec company.

The main theme of this conference changes every year, but in general it aims to bring people ideas and solutions to overcome the wide range of challenges that define the changing global order within four current streams:

  • Defense & Security
  • Geopolitics
  • Democracy & Resilience
  • Economy & Business

For the reasons stated above, we have become a GLOBSEC silver member, and in the near future we will strive for mutual prosperity, development and the positive impact of our activities on Slovakia, Europe and the whole world.