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SOC and Incident Response

The process of investigating, minimizing, and mitigating the impacts of a security problem is known as incident response.

SOC overview

What is SOC? Security Operations Center is referred to as SOC. Cybersecurity experts monitor and evaluate a company’s networks and systems for security risks in a physical or virtual SOC, where they also react to security issues as they happen.

Virtual Network Computing

Introduction Virtual Network Computing also known as VNC, is defined as graphical desktop-sharing system. It is used for controlling another computer remotely, by transmitting the keyboard and mouse input from one computer to another, relaying on the graphical-screen updates, over a network.

IPv6 and how it is used today

Introduction IPv6 is an Internet Protocol version 6, that was made to replace IPv4. Like IPv4, it is intended for routing data over the Internet.

CVE-2022-27254 technical description

The fact that cars are a target to hackers is not surprising. Discovering a vulnerability in a car brings fame to ethical hackers, while unethical hackers can sell their finding to automotive gangs.

EUI-64 and why you should
not use it

IPv6 address consists of 3 parts: Global Routing Prefix, Subnet ID and Interface ID. Interface ID identifies an interface of particular node and is unique within the subnet.