GLOBSEC 2023 Bratislava Forum

  • piątek, cze 2, 2023
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Like last year, the prestigious international security conference GLOBSEC 2023 Bratislava Forum was held in Bratislava, which was attended by several well-known guests, including the highest state representatives of France, Ukraine, and Slovakia. The main topics of the conference were:

  • Continuing Support for Ukraine
  • Resilience of Europe in the Face of War
  • Mitigating the Global Consequences of the Conflict (economic, energy, value chains) – in a Global Dialogue

Our company IstroSec, in addition to participating in this conference as one of the partners, also helped with the GLOBSEC websites security and contributed to the smooth operation throughout the conference.

GLOBSEC is a frequent target of cyber-attacks of various kinds, therefore the security of the systems must be at the highest possible level. That was one of the major reasons why we were approached to supply several of the services we offer, and we continue to help ensure the stable and secure operation of GLOBSEC as well as our other clients.